Do you want to solve it?
All of us have faced it before.
Experience the power of a peer group!

Online Open Day for business leaders (CEOs, Future CEOs, Founders)
committed to high-growth and high-impact companies and society.

In our open day you will have the opportunity to experience a Peer Group Session!


It is an iterative, relevant and engaging session, where you will get feedback on your toughest decisions from who have met and overcome the same challenges.



Your peers have faced it before
Overlap your pains quicker
Achieve your goals quicker
No conflict of interest


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During 5 days, you will receive 5 emails with the following information:
– What is the Open Day format?
– What is a peer group? Why is it important to your success?

CEO World leads the first international mastermind in the world. 

  • louis

    I have been with CEO World for 8 months, not being certain originally of what I could expect as a CEO of two startups. Today I can say that I have benefited from the CEO community experience and knowledge and that it has helped me in the development of my business. The most important is sharing experiences and questions with multicultural and multi industry groups with respect and without conflict of interest. In an harmonious environment we exchange with our peers our issues and get from them simple and practical opinions and advice. Joining CEO World helped me to improve the business vision about my projects. I hope I also could give some appropriate comments about my peer's businesses.

    Louis CoomansMember since July, 2015
    Nationality: Belgium / Switzerland
    Companies: BenFlex, Sideral
    Locations: Switzerland, Belgium, Bulgaria
    Size: Startup
  • I have participated in 2 CEO World peer group sessions so far and have found them very valuable.  During the last session, I shared a business challenge and received many excellent recommendations from my peers on the call.  Very pleased with the support and diversity of CEO’s that Miguel Dias is attracting to the community. Thank you so much!

    Nicole JansenMember since February, 2016
    Nationality: Toronto, Canada
    Company: Discover the Edge
    Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Size: Micro-business